Flow Mastery 

Group Coaching with Angela Ditch
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Let's get to the point.

Why flow?

  • Flow shifts your mind from what-is to what's-possible.
    Exit your loops of suffering.
  • Flow launches you into focus and fresh new discoveries.
    Open to limitless solutions.
  • Flow dismantles habits and improves them on the fly.
    Ground a better you.

Why now?

  • People are over-stressed, overwhelmed and over-tired.
    Recover your mind and energy.
  • People are stuck in fight/flight mode and suffering daily.
    Relax your body and heal.
  • The world needs us to focus, innovate and solve problems.
    Evolve for self and society.

Why you?

  • Life is an inside job that we are each responsible for.
    You are who you've waited for.
  • What we do affects both us and all of humanity.
    Be the change you want to see.
  • This is your life and legacy. Your shot at the experience you want.
    Make your life awesome!

There are four phases in Flow!

Spend 12 WEEKS with me. We'll immerse in all of the phases. You will master Flow.

Commit. Show up. Evolve.

Here's what I mean.

When we get stuck in phase one:

  • We struggle, loop and feel overwhelmed.
  • We lose our energy and our focus.
  • We reach for ways to avoid, suppress, distract or impair our nervous systems .. just to get a break.

In 12 Weeks you'll:

  • Immerse in the concepts of flow.
  • Embody them through contemplation, discussion and practice.
  • Integrate them into your everyday life. 

You'll Discover:

  • You are capable of anything.
  • You are awesome and loveable.
  • Struggle is simply fuel for greatness.
  • "Bring it up and bring it on" will become your mantra.

You'll walk away with:

  • A deep and integrated knowledge of yourself and flow.
  • A proven game-plan to continue to improve your life.
  • Connections to others who are leading positive change for self and society.
  • A body and mind that is relaxed and energized, clear and focused .. ready for anything that comes your way.

Put simply, you will ...

Feel, perform and live your best!


What others are saying.

Keaghan Lee

When I met Angela, I was giving in to my insecurities and fears. She helped me tune into my intuition, trust myself, my passions, my voice and my abilities.

I faced my challenges head on and grew so much in the months we worked together. 

Angela is kind and warm and creates a safe space to express anything without shame.

I highly recommend her coaching. It's a special blend of spiritual concepts and realism. It's fantastic!

Megan Mahoney

I am in tears as I'm writing this because I am so filled with gratitude that I don't have words to express how I feel.

Angela's coaching is life changing!

If I only had one word, I'd say it has been a catalyst to create a shift in how I respond to myself and the world.

It's getting me closer to my career goals and giving me the confidence to say "I'm worthy of everything life has to offer."

Angela's coaching has made me realize just how powerful we truly are. It's amazing!

Adair Erhard

Angela's coaching taught me to ride the flow of life .. in all its overwhelm and uncomfortable moments .. in complete neutrality and awareness.

I have now woke up to my innate ability to bridge my consciousness and my form, and feel one with everything.

I walk the edge of my creation in pure joy, surrendering all the ideas of who I "think" I am into all the potentials of who I can be.

Angela walks with you, loving you the whole way. If this is calling you, do it!

Ready for the details? Here's everything you need to know.

When is it?

  • Duration: 12 Weeks from January 31 - April 25
  • 7 Group Zoom Meetings: Live these Sundays 9am-11am MDT:
    1. Jan 31 - Meet, Greet and Start.
    2. Feb 7 - Module One
    3. Feb 21 - Module Two
    4. Mar 7 - Module Three
    5. Mar 21 - Module Four
    6. Apr 11 - Module Five
    7. Apr 25 - Wrap Up and Step Forward
  • Recordings will be available for those unable to attend live.
  • Flow Practices: Flow Mastery Coaching includes full access to Flow Tribe Classes and Attunements. All are live and recorded for your convenience. 


  • 12 weeks of time and focus.
  • CA$2100 Pmt Plan. (3 X $700 ea) 
  • CA$1950 Pay in full. (Save $150)
  • Taxes included in pricing.
  • Space is limited. Register early.

What to expect?

Flow Mastery is a combination of mindset training, body practice and daily life integration.

Flow Foundations + Yogic Science merged approach:

We make a vertical leap above our stress to tap into the true nature and purpose of stress. Our approach blends physical and energetic anatomy, neuroscience and yogic philosophy.

  • Learn Flow Foundations Mindset and Science
  • In the 12 weeks we target elements, chakras and senses to improve themes in all areas of life.
  • Dial in your breath precision for focus, transformation and confidence.
  • Reset your breath-body connections. 
  • Open the body, release stagnant energy and programs.
  • Break cycles of anxiousness, tension and suffering.
  • Master self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love.
  • Learn to create with intention and inspiration.
  • Learn to flow.

You will have the following access:

  • 7 Group Coaching Zoom Sessions.
  • Flow Tribe's weekday flow kundalini yoga, breath and meditation practice. Live + Replay.
  • Flow Attunement Recordings.
  • Community Platform.
  • Reference Library.
  • Email support with Angela and team.

*In our first Zoom (Jan 31st), I will demonstrate how to access and navigate the system and make the most of your time and efforts.


  • Attending live is optimal. Recordings are also available.
  • Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into concepts and discussions.
  • We will use breakout groups for deeper discussion and brainstorming.
  • We will do simple breath and movement practices to connect mind, breath, body and awareness.
  • Group discussion, check-in and Q&A time will be allotted.
  • It's a fast 2 hours packed with information. Bring your favourite beverage!

What you will need? How to prepare?

  • Choose a private comfy space for taking notes and doing floor practice.
  • Bring notebook, pen, yoga mat, blankets and pillows to Zoom Meetings.
  • Dress for comfort and movement.
  • Compile questions you have and notes for sharing.

What about Private Sessions?

  • Private Coaching is done by application. If you wish to explore adding this option, Email Angela for details. Space is limited. Inquire early.

Bonus Opportunity!

The Flow Kickstart Workshop is happening January 23 & 24.


Jump in on Kickstart and experience Flow.

Hi, I'm Angela,

From the time I was little, I squirmed in my skin.

An overactive nervous system left me hyper-vigilant and determined to fix my "broken" self. 

First, I tried to control everything outside of me. Then, I tried to control everything inside of me. Neither approach worked.

This was my experience.

in 2007, I let go of control. I left a 6-figure corporate career, a dysfunctional marriage and sold my possessions to explore and find answers. 

  • Precision energy, yoga and meditation practices taught me to observe myself and flush my nervous system.
    My body calmed and I learned to relax.
  • Focus and curiosity then led me to deepen my knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy and function.
    I discovered why I squirmed and learned how to settle it.
  • Neurofeedback brain training, breathwork, plant medicine and sexual healing broke painful patterns and took me deeper into mind, breath, body and awareness.
    Optimal breathing helped me refine who I was.
I opened up and merged into one fluid state of being.
  • My confidence grew as I walked in the unknown and the unexpected.
    I found comfort and creativity in the present moment.
  • My physical senses and my intuitive senses fused together.
    I found the merge point of my mind, spirit and body.
  • I became simultaneously grounded in "what is" and wide open to "what's possible."
    I got comfortable in my skin and my life.
  • I found balance being anchored in science and expanded in spirituality.
    My logical mind found peace in grounded explanations for my phenomenal experiences.
  • I discovered stress was simply fuel to launch me into solutions.
    I learned to Flow.

Should you seize this opportunity .. and jump "all in" to this training .. we will walk you into flow states and have a lot of fun!

If you say yes to investing in you .. you will immerse in this most important and relevant foundational training of life.

You will never be the same. You will be better! 

This is an important decision. It is a significant commitment in time and resources. Trust yourself to know if this is right for you.

Should you choose yes, it will be my honour to walk with you in flow!

There you have it!

Are you in? Let's begin!

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