Flow Mind Mastermind

Here's how it works. 

1. Start with a map and a mindset.

Develop your Flow Mind

Shift the way you see yourself and life.

In 4 simple diagrams, learn how flow operates and how you align to it.

  • Get calm, clear and focused.
  • Shift from stuck and struggling to focused and flourishing.
  • Mobilize energy and feel your best. 
  • Get creative and innovate.
  • Produce high quality output.

Get on track to your full potential.

2. Reprogram your body hard-drive.

Fine-tune your Flow Body

Your body is your mind's computer.

Body holds memory and programming and runs your auto-pilot habits.

  • Learn to breathe and relax.
  • Rewrite programs.
  • Shift reactions into responses.
  • Liberate stuck energy and emotion.
  • Heal trauma and move forward feeling lighter and freer.

Program the habits you want.

3. Bring flow into your daily life.

Live in Flow Mastery

Create and experience on purpose.

Tap into energy and momentum. Lock onto your mission and live it.

  • Nail your priorities.
  • Dial up natural discipline. 
  • Break longstanding loops and patterns of suffering.
  • Make life-enhancing improvements.
  • Live your mission and enjoy your life.

Enjoy freedom, wealth and impact.

Invest in a year.
Flow for a lifetime.

Knowledge. Practice. Mastery.

Your year is strategically planned to:

  • Maximize your overall results.
  • Prioritize your goals / mission.
  • Bring Flow into every aspect of life.

Start flowing the moment you begin. 

Our Mastermind Group Flow
Amplifies Your Flow

Immersing with like-minded souls = exponential encouragement and connection.
+ It's really FUN!

Investment & Details

Group Mastermind


Pmts: $440 x 12

12 Month Group Immersion
Learn to Live in Flow
    - Live Workshops
    - Video Modules
    - Map and Mindset
    - Flow Body Practice Pass
    - Breath & Energy Mastery
    - Energy Attunement
    - Community Forum
    - Open Coaching Days
    - Mastery Tools
  • Start Now
  • Pay in Full: Save $880

Private Coaching


Pmts: $880 x 12

12 Month Personal Mastery
Live your Mission 
  • Group Mastermind
    - Full Access to Group Program
    - Mind. Body. Mastery.
    - Workshops. Practices.
  • Coaching with Angela
    - Deep Dive Assessment
    - 1:1 Private Sessions
    - Voxer Access
  • Small Focus Group
    - Private Mastermind Cohort
    - Specialized Focus
    - Dialed into your Mission 
  • Apply. Spots are Limited
  • Pay in Full: Save $1760

Flow is the most important mindset training of our time.

Let's break it down.

All options include ...
(See FAQ for more information)

Live Online Workshops

  • Key and timely teachings
  • Live coaching
  • Live + Recorded

Open Coaching Days

  • Zoom 1:1 Coaching
  • First come, first serve
  • Dialed in coaching

Video Training Modules

  • Foundation + Skills
  • Mastery
  • 24/7 Access + Self Paced

Flow Body Practice Pass

  • Flow Kundalini Yoga + Breathwork
  • Pattern Clearing
  • Live + Recorded

Flow Attunements

  • Mind-Body Synchronization
  • Targeted Themes
  • Live + Recorded

Community Forum

  • Announcements + Reminders
  • Connection + Conversation
  • Support and Be Supported

Private Coaching

Also includes ..

Sessions with Angela

  • Deep Dive Assessment 
  • 1:1 Results Focused Sessions
  • Pattern Clearing

Voxer Access

  • Text and voice messaging
  • Between session check-ins
  • Quick answer questions

Private Mastermind

  • Small Focus Groups
  • Monthly Meetups
  • Connection + Encouragement

Which option is right for you?

Want to talk about it?

Book a call with Angela.

Talk it over with Angela. Discover the potentials and possibilites of what flow can do for you.


Ready to dive in?

Sign up for Group Mastermind.

Get started with self-driven modules of knowledge and practice. Join group coaching.


On a mission?

Apply for Private Coaching.

Are you committed and results-driven? We'll get granular in all aspects of your life and work.


Got Questions?

I've got answers.

What clients say ..

Keaghan Lee

When I met Angela, I was giving in to my insecurities and fears. She helped me tune into my intuition, trust myself, my passions, my voice and my abilities.

I faced my challenges head on and grew so much in the months we worked together.

Angela is kind and warm and creates a safe space to express anything without shame.

I highly recommend her coaching. Its' a special blend of what's real and what's possible.

It's fantastic! 

Megan Mahoney

I am I tears as I'm writing this because I am so filled with gratitude that I don't have words to express how I feel.

Angela's coaching is life changing!

If I only had one word, I'd say it has been a catalyst to create a shift in how I respond to myself and the world. 

It's aligned me with my career goals and gave me confidence to say I'm worthy of everything life has to offer.

Angela's coaching has made me realize just how powerful I truly am.

It's amazing!

Adair Erhard

Angela's coaching taught me to ride the flow of life .. in all its overwhelm and uncomfortable moments .. in complete neutrality and awareness.

I have now woke up to my innate ability to bridge my consciousness and my form, and feel one with everything.

I walk the edge of my creation in pure joy, surrendering all the ideas of who I "think" I am into all the potentials of who I can be.

Angela walks with you, loving you the whole way.

If this is calling you, do it!

"We are the one's we've been waiting for." 

Hello friends .. 

The Hopi Prophesy (known for the quote above) speaks about a time, when "the river flows now very fast" .. where chaos and struggle are high.  

That time is now. I believe you know this and that's why you are here.

The Elders of this prophecy said, "This could be a good time. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves. Banish the word struggle from your attitude." 

I fully believe "we are the one's we've been waiting for" and that all we really need ... is to learn how to flow.

It would be my honour to train you. 
Much love, Angela 

Flow Mind Mastermind  

Flow is the most important mindset training of our time.

Jump in. We've got you!


Invest in a year.
Flow for a lifetime.