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Ready to be calm, clear and flow forward?

End overwhelm.

Use breathwork, movement  and meditation to flush nerves and energize. 

Be clear and focused.

Remember how to focus and concentrate. Become  clear and open.

Fill your cup first.

Make time each day to center yourself into alignment and live a life of flow.

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2023 Numerology: 7

Quest for better mindset. Quest for truth and logic. Intentional thinking and feeling.

 2023 Numerology

Radical Flow Podcast E44


Year of the MIND.

Mindset and thoughts set the course for what we create. 

 This year we master our focus.

Year of the AURA.

Your aura is produced and tuned by your thoughts and emotions.

 This year we master our vibration.


Targeted Monthly Focus

Repetitive practices. Deep chakra focus. Teacher training level.

Kundalini Philosophy Videos add-on Available.

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What others are saying.

Tanya Paulsen

"I feel so calm.
Angela shows us the cutting edge, creating safe circles and leading the way for humanity to shift from ordinary to extraordinary."

Dana Braaten

"I feel safe with Angela.
Angela changes the world by the way she sees it. Her ability to see and accept people as they are allows them to fall in love with themselves."

Joan Kidd

"Her words go to the core.
Get ready. When Angela shows up, she brings the high frequency of the world into your community, making it cohesive and unified."

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ADD Flow Kundalini Philosophy Teacher Training Lectures. 

  • 9.5 hours of video lectures.
  • Teacher training level of instruction.
  • *Discounted 70% 

Now is the time to amp our understanding.
*Discount is my gift to those ready to do the work.


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Hi, I'm Angela.

Radical Flow Coach.

I train the ambitious and visionary to embrace their critical mind and guide it into Peak Performance Flow.

In addition to mindset and flow state expertise, I am a professional Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Flow Breath Teacher Trainer and more.

My love of mindset training is amplified through body practices that access the densest form of our mind .. the Body itself.

Thank you for considering a membership in our Flow Tribe. 

If I may assist you in deciding, please reach out. 

[email protected] 

See you in the FLOW!