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Hi, I'm Angela.

Radical Flow Coach

I teach people to bring mind and energy into one focal point .. to flow.

In flow, all parts of you align to work in your favour.

This means you stand grounded in what's happening and focused on what's possible .. at the same time.

In FLOW ... 

  • Awareness is heightened and action is seamless.
  • Rapid realizations download and channel right through to brilliant and practical results. 
  • Awareness and body work as one and you feel amazing!

As you move through cycles of flow, you edit old programming and break destructive patterns.

Most importantly .. you learn to flow no matter what the external circumstances are. We all need that!

In flow .. you radically evolve and create a reality for your spirit to flourish.

Sound good? Please read on.

Radical Flow is for those ready to flourish in all conditions.

(See if this sounds like you.)

Reality is overwhelming but you are determined to thrive.

  • Enormous effort is being spent to maintain focus and balance.
  • Wired and tired are familiar states, along with negative thoughts and disillusionment.
  • You can do it, but some days you seriously wonder if you can or if you even want to.
  • Checking out with food, Netflix, social media and more is becoming a habit.

You feel motivated to take action now.

  • Although you experience ruts as easily as the next person, you are not one who is content to stay stuck.
  • This rut is different. It's deeper, more slippery and triggers every pattern you have .. including the ones you already dealt with.
  • You know that if you could focus, you'd have the power and momentum to get yourself moving.
  • You know all positive change begins inside. You want it.

Deep down you know that what you do matters in a big way.

  • Even though at times you question your value and worthiness, you know you have a role to play in making the world a better place.
  • Whether you feel stalled in your progress or far from knowing where to start, you feel compelled to move forward in your quest.
  • You know that by being your best self and focusing on what you want .. you support and inspire others to do the same.
  • You know that the world needs your "best you" now more than ever.

You are no stranger to personal development.

  • Improving yourself is a top priority in your life.
  • You will go all in. You will do the work.

You are ready.

  • "If not you, who? 
    If not now, when?"
  • You are ready for fresh insights, good connections and support.
Sound like you?

Here are the details.

This specialized training is designed to launch you into FLOW!

Group Training


3 Months

  • Monthly Workshops and Masterminds
  • Video Vault Bitesized Teachings
  • Flow Tribe Online Practices and Attunements
  • Community Conversation Space
  • 3 Month Commitment
    *Pay in Full $900. Save $135

Private Coaching


3 Months

  • 1:1 Coaching with Angela
    (2 sessions per month)
  • Deep Dive Personalized Assessment and Planning
  • Voxer Private Messaging Access
  • Includes Group Training
  • 3 Month Commitment
    *Pay in Full $2400. Save $135

2022 Mentorship


Full Year

  • 1:1 Coaching with Angela
    (2 sessions per month)
  • Every aspect of life addressed
  • Voxer Private Messaging Access
  • Includes Group Trainings and Flow Tribe
  • 1 Year Commitment
    *Pay in Full $8400. Save $1200

What's involved ..

3 Month Training - Start Anytime.

($345/mo or $900 Pay in Full)

  • 6 Deep Dive Zoom Workshops: 
    These Sunday's 9-11am MDT:
    *Recordings will be available for those unable to attend live.
  • Unlimited Online Practices: 
    Mobilize and move energy. Relax and get clear.
    (Breath, Flow Kundalini Yoga and Flow Attunements) 
    *Live and Recorded.
    *Attend as many classes as desired.
  • Video Vault of Bitesized Teachings:
    Drip feed of Flow Foundations and Inspiring Perspectives.
  • Beginners Instruction:
    Never practiced this way? No problem. We have foundational instructions for everything.
  • Community Space:
    Stay up on announcements and conversations. Share your experience. Support and be supported. Make friends.

Uplevel with Private Coaching!

($845/mo or $2400 Pay in Full)

  • Amp up intensity and results with 1:1 Coaching with Angela:
    Immerse more deeply with 1:1 guidance. We will do a full life review and target your goals.
    *Limited spots  - Register Early.
  • 3 Months

Say Yes to a FULL YEAR Mentorship.

($800/mo or $8400 Pay in Full)

  • Work 1:1 with Angela in 2022:
    Dedicate the year to bringing your whole life into flow.
    *Limited Spots - Register Early.
  • 12 Months 

What Clients Say ..

Keaghan Lee

When I met Angela, I was giving in to my insecurities and fears. She helped me tune into my intuition, trust myself, my passions, my voice and my abilities.

I faced my challenges head on and grew so much in the months we worked together. 

Angela is kind and warm and creates a safe space to express anything without shame.

I highly recommend her coaching. It's a special blend of spiritual concepts and realism. It's fantastic!

Megan Mahoney

I am in tears as I'm writing this because I am so filled with gratitude that I don't have words to express how I feel.

Angela's coaching is life changing!

If I only had one word, I'd say it has been a catalyst to create a shift in how I respond to myself and the world.

It's getting me closer to my career goals and giving me the confidence to say "I'm worthy of everything life has to offer."

Angela's coaching has made me realize just how powerful we truly are. It's amazing!

Adair Erhard

Angela's coaching taught me to ride the flow of life .. in all its overwhelm and uncomfortable moments .. in complete neutrality and awareness.

I have now woke up to my innate ability to bridge my consciousness and my form, and feel one with everything.

I walk the edge of my creation in pure joy, surrendering all the ideas of who I "think" I am into all the potentials of who I can be.

Angela walks with you, loving you the whole way. If this is calling you, do it!

Christine Kane

Author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur, Soul and Strategy Coach, Founder & CEO of Uplevel You 

"Angela is my secret weapon.

Most people don't realize that truly successful entrepreneurs have people like Angela in their boardroom. 

Angela knows that brain balance, energy and congruence are vital to how we show up and what we can bring to the table.

I've experienced her 1:1 and have made her an integral part of retreats with my clients."

Christine brings her clients and their businesses into harmonious relationship through a powerful mix of soul and strategy techniques. Once the alignment is reached .. everything flows. She is brilliant!

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Human Longevity Institute and Impact Experts Network Founder

"Angela is magic. I have experienced the most profound aha's, breakthroughs and next level expansion growth in myself and career thanks to her guidance.

Having worked with her 1:1 and as a guest within my mastermind groups, I have seen her, again and again, guide people into flow states that open radical transformation.

Through her work, we all get that unshakeable gift of knowing that we are touching our own truth."

Melissa is a sought out expert in thriving. She has next level skills in connecting the dots between what is and what's possible. Her effervescent joy flows into everything she touches.

Ready to join in?

Choose your track.


3 Months

CA$900 - Pay in Full


3 Months

CA$2400 - Pay in Full

2022 Mentorship

Full Year

CA$8400 - Pay in Full

My promise to you.

  • I promise to give you all that you need to understand, practice and incorporate Radical Flow into your life.
  • I promise to create a safe and loving space for you to show up as you are .. free of judgment.
  • I promise to hold sacred and confidential all that you entrust to me.

What I'll ask of you.

  • You promise to go all in and make the most of this experience.
  • You promise to show up as real as you know how in each moment and be kind to yourself.
  • You promise to keep me informed of how you are, and reach out when you need to.


Got Questions?

I've got answers.

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Final note .. Why Flow? Why Now?

Regardless of what you think about our current global situation .. you are likely experiencing the growing effects of stress and isolation.

Like many, you may have put your life on hold while you wait for things to open up and stabilize.

Radical Flow asks the question, "Why wait?"

  • What if you take the first step to find your centre and calm your body?
  • What if you relax into focus to bring mind and energy into your conscious control?
  • What if you focus that aware energy toward a reality for your spirit to flourish?

All parts of you will operate as one .. and you will feel amazing.

ALL potentials and possibilities will open up .. and you will flow.

"If not you, who?
If not now, when?"

Hillel the Elder, Sage
(Lived 110 BCE - 10 CE)

We would love to have you join us!

Much love, 
~ Angela

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