Work with Angela.
Create a fresh reality. 


Hi, I'm Angela.

Radical Flow Coach, Author, Speaker.

Just like you, I am awake inside a reality that's in the midst of a great evolution.

Just like you, I want to positively contribute to this evolution to create our most optimal reality.

Our challenge is that escalating stress is exhausting our energy and scattering our focus. 

How will we muster the mental and physical resources needed to make improvements if amplified stress continues?

The answer?
By converting stress into radical flow.

Stress builds pressure and pressure is energy that is amped up and ready to flow. 

Stress pushes us toward our sweet spot .. where we realize that fear of the unknown is much smaller than fear of staying the same. 

Once we arrive this sweet spot, we have everything we need to use that pressurized energy to make radical shifts and create a fresh and fabulous new reality.

This sweet spot is where RADICAL FLOW begins .. and where I would love to take you.

Grab your tea and let's go.

First some context.
Why Radical Flow?

We need fresh thinking.

As Einstein said, "We cannot solve problems from inside the thinking that created them." 

We need a way to escape our current thinking .. to see fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Radical Flow is that way.


FLOW is ...

A focus driven state where time and self melt into total presence. Doubts and inhibitions fall away. Pattern recognition heightens and you become one with your ideas and environment.

IN SIMPLER WORDS ... You become fully engrossed in the moment, brilliant ideas drop in out of nowhere, and you feel capable of anything.


When FLOW is focused toward shifting foundational levels of your personal programming, solving wicked problems and grounding changes into reality.

IN SIMPLER WORDS ... Your mission-driven focus targets brilliant ideas that drop in out of nowhere. Fresh patterns integrate down to your bones to improve you and your reality immediately.

Everyone can learn to flow ... here's how.

Find your sweet spot ...

The sweet spot (where fear of the unknown is less than fear of staying the same) is the meeting point between "what is" and "what's possible."

The sweet spot is where your little i (ego) and your BIG I (soul) merge.

When you relax in this sweet spot, you open the flow between little i and BIG I.

You peacefully accept what is and start focusing toward what's possible.

Fresh new ideas flood in, you become creative, highly intuitive and real-time responsive (instead of reactive).

You get shit done and you get it done brilliantly.

You improve your mindset, your physiology and your world.

You don't just flow .. you RADICALLY FLOW.

In the FLOW TRIBE, we use 5 Steps to guide you into your sweet spot and into your mastery.

Ready to go deeper?

Step One: 

When stress is chronic .. we breathe faster, tighter and more shallow in our chest. This impedes oxygen uptake to our brain and cells.

Soon we are depleted in vitality and concentration .. more prone to anxiety, tension and exhaustion .. and we struggle to think straight.

We stay stuck on the little i side of the sweet spot.

Step One in Radical Flow is to Catch Your Breath. 

Through simple daily practices .. and introductory knowledge .. you learn to regulate your breathing and improve how you feel in no time at all.

You'll find yourself lounging in the sweet spot throughout your day.

Start with BREATH CAMP .. it's FREE! 

5 Days of 15 minute practices will teach you to breathe optimally. It's easy, relaxing and fun.


Step Two:
Fine Tune your Perspective

In order to create a fresh reality .. you need a fresh and inspiring perspective.

FLOW FOUNDATIONS (a concise video training) freshens your perspective by laying out an exciting picture of how to optimally function and flow.

Drawing from the latest in neurobiology, flow state training, yogic philosophy and energy anatomy .. we'll paint a picture that inspires you to see how amazing and powerful you really are.

Our easy to understand video training uses diagrams to illustrate concepts and create memorable touch points of what being in the sweet spot looks like.

Once you see through the Flow Foundations lens, you will have increased compassion and love for your little i .. and your optimism will soar.

FLOW FOUNDATIONS Enrolment details to follow.

Step Three:
Mind your Body

Within the tissues of your body are your memories. From conception to now, you have recorded a lot of details about your life experience.

Those details include what you felt and thought .. how you breathed and held your body .. and most importantly .. how you reacted. 

This information shapes how your little i reacts today.

MIND AND BODY practices wake the energy in your cells and bring awareness to your patterns so your BIG I can consciously respond and reprogram your reactions.

MIND AND BODY practices are accessed through FLOW TRIBE MEMBERSHIP .. and include:
Flow Kundalini Yoga, Flow Attunement and Flow Breath.

FLOW TRIBE MEMBERSHIP Details to follow.

Group & 1:1 Coaching

Step Four:
Immerse in Flow

Now that your knowledge and practice are set in motion .. you are ready to deepen in RADICAL FLOW and practice dancing all around in the sweet spot.

Group Coaching and our Video Vault Teachings guide you to integrate RADICAL FLOW into every aspect of your life.

Flow becomes the natural way you approach your life. It becomes who you are.

RADICAL FLOW COACHING is a multi-month journey in Group Coaching.

(Enrolment details to follow)

Step Five:
Master Flow

Walk with Angela and develop mastery in flow.

RADICAL MASTERY with Angela upgrades the Radical Flow Coaching to include 1:1 private sessions.

Those who desire big improvements, and are committed to invest their time and focus in the program, are invited to apply.

An in depth discovery call will ensure our compatibility as we map a plan that's perfect for you.

RADICAL MASTERY with Angela is the Premier Element within our Suite of Radical Flow Coaching Opportunities. 

(Application details to follow.)

What clients say ...

Dr. Melissa Petersen

Human Longevity Institute and Impact Experts Network Founder

"Angela is magic. I have experienced the most profound aha's, breakthroughs and next level expansion growth in myself and career thanks to her guidance.

Having worked with her 1:1 and as a guest within my mastermind groups, I have seen her, again and again, guide people into flow states that open radical transformation.

Through her work, we all get that unshakeable gift of knowing that we are touching our own truth."

Melissa is a sought out expert in thriving. She has next level skills in connecting the dots between what is and what's possible. Her effervescent joy flows into everything she touches.

Christine Kane

Author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur, Soul and Strategy Coach, Founder & CEO of Uplevel You 

"Angela is my secret weapon.

Most people don't realize that truly successful entrepreneurs have people like Angela in their boardroom. 

Angela knows that brain balance, energy and congruence are vital to how we show up and what we can bring to the table.

I've experienced her 1:1 and have made her an integral part of retreats with my clients."

Christine brings her clients and their businesses into harmonious relationship through a powerful mix of soul and strategy techniques. Once the alignment is reached .. everything flows. She is brilliant!

Here's how this works.

3 Ways to Start

Flow Tribe Membership

Online Practice Portal

Live and Recorded Classes + Kick-Ass Resources.


  • Flow Foundations
    Video course that gives you all the basics of FLOW.


  • New Member Prep Series
    Videos to get you up to speed on practice skills and protocols.
  • Flow Kundalini Yoga
    Breath and movement activate energy to wake and flush the body.
  • Flow Breath
    Transformational breathing frees resistance and launches you into flow. 
  • Flow Attunement
    Luxurious guided energy work that threads you into your cells and makes you feel right as rain.


  • Flow Tribe Community Hangout
    Did I mention we're fun?
    Online message space for announcements and delightful conversation.


  • Monthly and Annual Rates
    CA$145 / month
    CA$1200 / year
Join Today

Radical Flow Coaching

Masterminds + Video Vault + Flow Tribe

Group Coaching combines self driven and group study. Join with a group of like-minded souls.


  • DIVE IN Immersion
    (3 Months) 
    Our Get Started Training gives you knowledge, skill and momentum.


  • DIVE DEEP Monthly
    (Month to Month)
    Phase two supports and guides you as you embody radical shifts and hone your skills and knowledge.


  • Masterminds
    Timely teachings, live coaching and soul satisfying conversations. (Masterminds are recorded.)
  • Video Vault
    Delicious and digestible trainings address all areas of your life.
  • Radical Flow Hangout
    Online message space for announcements and deep discussion.
  • Flow Tribe Membership*
    Everything you need for practice is included.


  • DIVE IN Immersion 
    CA$1800 Pay in full 
  • DIVE DEEP Monthly
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Mastery with Angela

Premier Radical Flow 1:1 Coaching

Walk with Angela in this Private Access Upgrade. 


  • INVEST Intensive
    (6 Months)
    Go all in to activate the energy within every level of your conditioning. Focus on strategic shifts that make big improvements.


  • REFINE Monthly
    (Month to Month)
    Continued private coaching with monthly sessions to align and sharpen your focus.


  • Private Sessions with Angela
    Unpack what is and direct it toward what's possible.
    Phase one: (2) 90 Minute sessions per month 
    Phase two: (1) 90 Minute session per month.
  • Private Flow Attunement
    Clear deep unconscious and limiting programs.
  • Flow Tribe Membership*
    Everything you need for practice is included.
  • Radical Flow Coaching*
    Masterminds + Video Vault.


  • INVEST Intensive
    CA$4800 Pay in full
    *Payment plan in special cases.
  • REFINE Monthly
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Meet some members.

Caroline Karp

Artist, Podcaster, Mama, Flow Junkie and Mischief Maker

"Radical Flow has literally opened me up to unlimited possibilities. 

I now get really excited when life brings struggles because I know that I'm about to flow .. and that I can be, do and have all that I desire.

Oh how I love the flow!

With Angela as my guide, I feel cared for and confident I can handle all that comes my way.

Can I work with her forever?"

Caroline's artwork is stunning and captures her natural ability to flow from the depths of raw human experience.

Adair Erhard

Loving Guide to Many, Tireless Advocate of Spiritual Integrity

"Radical Flow has deepened the loving relationship I have with myself.

Angela's loving style of teaching resonates with my whole being, exciting and inspiring me to embody and express the love that I am.

Before there were gaps in the flow, spending much time trying to attain a certain bar. 

With Radical Flow the truth has been remembered. I am whole already and I rise up in my unique expression."

Adair's every cell vibrates in the union of being both BIG I and little i. She is an absolute gift to the world.


Got questions?

I have answers.

Enjoy these benefits.

An optimal you.

  • Calmer mind
  • Relaxed body
  • Improved breathing
  • Sharpened focus
  • More presense
  • Responsive (not reactive)
  • Greater acceptance and allowance
  • Leaps in optimism
  • Actual self-love
  • Natural self-care
  • Perpetual self-improvement
  • Self-designed auto-pilot programming


Shift from suffering to flourishing.


An impactful contribution.

  • Heightened creativity
  • Rapid realizations
  • Ongoing aha's
  • Brilliant innovations
  • Compassion and forgiveness for self and others
  • Positive energy
  • Infectious inspiration
  • Greater impact in all you do
  • Co-creating a fresh reality


Start your journey
in Radical Flow.


Live in your sweet spot.