Hi, I'm Angela

Radical Flow Coach

My Story ...

For most of my life .. I simply couldn't get comfortable in my skin.

I was born with a hypersensitive nervous system and lived in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and bracing.

Over the years, tension and stress wore me down .. leaving me passionless and exhausted.

Then in 2007 .. 
Fear of staying the same ..
outgrew my fear of the unknown.

I asked myself the question, 
"What else is possible for me?"

I left a 6-figure corporate career .. an organic farm .. and a 26-year marriage .. to break limits and explore the unknown.

As I traveled, I trained in meditation .. kundalini tantra yoga .. breathwork .. neuro-feedback brain training .. plant medicine .. explosive sexual healing .. and more.

In every experience, I found a fluid connection between mind, breath, body and spirit.

In every experience, I found FLOW.

What is Flow?

Flow is a state of being where struggle breaks limits .. opens infinite mindset .. and peaks human performance.

In flow .. mind, breath, body and spirit merge and create as one.

  • Inhibitions and time fall away
  • You become one with your environment
  • Fresh patterns forever improve you.

Join the Flow Tribe .. and access our leading edge collection of mindset and practice based trainings. Learn to flow.

Discover what's possible for YOU!

What others are saying.

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

CEO Apeiron Center for Human Performance

"Angela's mastery of our complex human system and its interaction with self, community and the greater global system at large is unsurpassed.

Her pure presence and deeply embodied awareness creates powerful strategies to evolve us to enhanced levels of integrated performance."

Mickra is a fearless explorer of conscious embodiment, peak performance and enlightened self expression.

Christine Kane

Author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur, Soul and Strategy Coach, Founder & CEO of Uplevel You

"I've worked with many healing practitioners from acupuncturists to intuitives. I've been a client of Angela's for years now.

Angela is a true master, able to tune in to subtleties, unravel old patterns and shift energy blocks with an electrifying clarity.

I call her "my secret weapon" in the very public world of business, teaching on stage and navigating the many energies of our changing times."

Christine brings her clients and their businesses into harmonious relationship through a powerful mix of soul and strategy techniques. Once the alignment is reached .. everything flows.

Jenn Kloberdanz

Founder Essential Nutrition and Personal Training, Nutrition and Epigenetics Coach

"I am no stranger to making changes when I need to. What I didn't know before working with Angela is that it doesn't have to be so hard. 

Learning to lean in to the struggle, instead of push against it, has been the missing piece in my journey."

Jenn is living proof of epigenetic optimization in action. She's walked a challenging path and guides other through her extensive training and experience. 

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