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Hi .. I'm Angela. Welcome to the Flow Tribe!

I've spent my entire life learning to get comfortable in my own skin.

Along the way .. in everything I've studied and practiced .. I've found Flow.

Flow is a wave of conscious evolution that uses our struggles to break limits, free our mind and peak human performance.

As you enter the flow state your mind, breath, body and spirit merge into limitless creative expression.

Time and self melt as you become one with your environment .. focused in the moment.

Create a life through inspiration. Contribute to a greater whole.

Flow is wave. Each phase essential to the next. Learn to ride the flow.

Each wave of flow evolves you to a whole new level of being.

Work with me .. Learn to flow.
I'll teach you to open to a life that inspires you!

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What others are saying.

Tanya Paulsen

Angela shows us the cutting edge, creating safe circles and leading the way for humanity to shift from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dana Braaten

Angela changes the world by the way she sees it. Her ability to see and accept people as they are allows them to fall in love with themselves.

Joan Kidd

Get ready. When Angela shows up, she brings the high frequency of the world into your community, making it cohesive and unified.

Flow Tribe Pricing

Monthly Membership

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  • 10% OFF Add-on Trainings
CA$145 Monthly

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CA$1200 Annual

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Live Your Potential

Free your mind.

See your life in the flow cycle.
Learn how you function and evolve.
Break your limits.

Look to what's possible.

Energize your body.

Breathe awareness into your cells. Activate and mobilize energy.
Evolve patterns on the fly.

Come alive in your cells.

Evolve the world.

Connect with friends.
Learn, practice and master Flow.
Create a ripple of group flow.

Be the difference.


Add Energy and Breath to open your Flow Body

What is Flow?

Flow is a state of being where life's struggles break limits .. open infinite mindset .. and peak human performance.

In Flow .. Mind, Breath, Body and Spirit merge as one fluid being.

Time and self melt into one-pointed focus as you become one with your environment.

Fresh patterns come in and forever improve you.

Why Flow?

"We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used to create them." - Albert Einstein

In order for humanity to evolve we must free our minds and access our limitless potential.

We must ask ourselves,
"What else is possible?"

Flow is the key to open innovation while clearing away what does not work.

How do I Flow?

Build a Flow Mind. Open your Flow Body.

  • Learn about self and flow.
  • Breathe and move energy.
  • Release tension and strengthen your nervous system.
  • Get curious. Explore the unknown.
  • Practice inducing flow states.
  • Take flow into every part of life.

Become a Flow Being.

Step 1: Courses

Start by building your Flow Mind

Flow Foundations

  • What is flow?
  • Why flow?
  • How do I flow?

In 4 Modules .. Flow Foundations teaches you:

  • How you create and experience.
  • How you can break free of looping habits.
  • How you can access new and innovative ideas.
  • How you can make the shifts you want.
*Free for Flow Tribe Members

Not a Member? No problem.

Course Fee: CA$150
Members: FREE

Non-Members CA$150

Flow Mastery

  • Build on Flow Foundations.
  • Deepen somatic understanding.
  • Take flow concepts into life.

In 12 Weeks .. Flow Mastery trains you to:

  • Activate, mobilize and direct energy.
  • Refine your mind, breath, body connection.
  • Consciously ride the wave of life.

*Prerequisite: Flow Foundations

*Discounts for Flow Tribe Members

Course Fee: CA$750
Monthly Member: CA$675
Annual Member: CA$600

Available Soon!

Step 2: Practices

Activate Energy. Open your Flow Body.


Add Energy and Breath to open your Flow Body

Flow Kundalini

The Backbone in Flow Training

Kundalini Tantra Yoga + Breath

  • Awareness + Energy in Flow

Practices guide you to:

  • Focus awareness
  • Open breathing apparatus
  • Activate spine
  • Mobilize Energy
  • Surface and cleanse limiting patterns
  • Liberate stagnant energy
*Free for Flow Tribe Members

Not a Member? No problem.

1 Month Pass: CA$175
Members: FREE

Purchase Pass

Breath Reset

The Heart in Flow Training

20 Minute Guided Pranayama.

Learning to breathe properly .. and optimally .. is the most important component to flow.

Daily Practice:

  • Merges awareness in breath
  • Opens breathing apparatus
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates cells
  • Merges spirit and body
  • Sustains flow

Breath is the key! Spirit and body merge in the breath.

*Flow Tribe Members Only

Not a Member? Join Now

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Flow Breath

The Trigger in Flow Training

Transformational Breathwork

  • Activate energy
  • Launch beyond the mind
  • Merge spirit and body
  • Access limitless potential
  • Integrate new patterns
  • Release tension and stress
  • Flow
*FREE Online Sessions for Members

Not a Member? No Problem.

Group Online Activations:
Fee: CA$40
Members: FREE

In Person Activations: See EVENTS

See Events

Step 3: Coaching

Now go deeper! Work with Angela.

Group Coaching

Add group coaching to your Flow Mastery Course experience.

Deepen understanding through group interaction and expanded teaching.

  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Online Community
  • Group Zooms

*Add-On to Flow Mastery Course

**Flow Tribe Membership is recommended for optimal outcome.

Fee: CA$750

Monthly: CA$675
Annual: CA$600


Private Coaching

Together we immerse in a process to embed flow into your life. 

  • Ready to invest in your evolution? 
  • Committed to do the work?
  • Discover what's possible when you place unwavering focus into flow.

Invitation Only Access

12 Weeks - All In

Private Coaching Sessions + Voxer
Limited Space

Fee: CA$2700

Monthly: CA$2430
Annual: CA$2160


Step 4: Facilitator Training

Amp up your practice. Make a difference.

Flow Kundalini Facilitator

Yoga of Awareness and Energy in Flow

  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga
  • Convergence of Multiple Lineages
  • One-of-a-Kind Training
  • The Backbone of Flow Training

Training Components:

  • Online Video Modules
  • Live Immersion Training
  • Personal Practice
  • Teaching Practicum
  • Knowledge Assessment

*Discounts for Flow Tribe Members

Not a member? No Problem.

Course Fee: CA$3200

Monthly: CA$2880
Annual: CA$2560


Flow Breath Facilitator

Transformational Breathwork Practices

  • Learn the true Art of Holding Space
  • Guide and Support Others through Transformation
  • Master Knowledge and Practice of Breathwork

Training Components:

  • Online Video Modules
  • Live Immersion Training
  • Personal Practice
  • Teaching Practicum
  • Knowledge Assessment

*Discounts for Flow Tribe Members

Course Fee: CA$1250 

Monthly: CA$1125
Annual: CA$1000


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Flow Attunement with Angela

  • 1:1 Flow Coaching and Energy Attunement 

Flow Attunement? Coaching Programs? What's the difference?

  • Coaching trains you to Flow. It is one process extended over time. Each appointment strategically flows into the next.
  • Flow Attunements address what is happening in the moment .. attuning you to the flow.

*Discounts for Flow Tribe Members

Fee: CA$250
Monthly: CA$225
Annual: CA$200

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