with Angela Ditch

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 Learn to Breathe

  • Merge awareness and body
  • Optimize breath chemistry
  • Free tension
  • Release somatic memory

Open the body.

Find Neutrality

  • Learn to hold space
  • Witness without judgment
  • Support self and others
  • Discover what you are made of

Find peace of mind.

Guide Flow

  • Facilitate Flow Breath
  • Teach everyday breathing
  • Guide Pranayama
  • Lead self and others into Flow.

Inspire self and others.


Facilitator Intensive with Angela

Come for Yourself. Learn to Guide Others.

What's Involved?

  • Online Video Course: 
    Comprehensive self-paced course to deepen understanding in technical aspects of practice and facilitation.
  • Live Module:
    Online or In-Person .. Learn the nuances of Flow Breath, holding space and support techniques. Practice breathing and facilitation.
  • Practicum: 
    Once Live Module and Online Course are completed, take 10 lucky volunteers through Flow Breath.
  • Knowledge Assessment:
    Answer questions to identify gaps in understanding and converse one-one with Angela for clarity. 
  • Ongoing Support: 
    Be part of a group of Flow Breath Facilitators for community, support and updates.

Start Video Modules Anytime .. Jump in on Next Live Module



We guide through our own experience. 
Immerse deeply to explore your edges and gain insight into flow states. 

Our time together will be sacred and potent.
Come open and authentic.

Carve out space and time to fully focus in this multi-day training. Support and be supported. 

Bring your whole self. Transform your life!

Learn why breath is the key to everything.



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Flow Breath Facilitator already? Want a refresher and recharge?

Contact Angela for the returning facilitator special rate. Join us and go deeper.

Returning Facilitator

Rebekah Haellert

My life changed in 5 days in Angela's Breathwork Facilitator Training.

Dr. Bryan Lungo

Angela's Breath Facilitator
Training was flawless.

Wanda Pandachuk

The experience is everything! Angela creates a safe and magical space.

Hi, I'm Angela ...

In all my years of study and practice, one thing is proven over and over again.

It all converges in the breath.

As a Radical Flow Coach, I specialize in teaching people how to interface all aspects to access unlimited potential. 

In doing so, one transcends the limits of their conditioning, heal trauma and create a reality that is so much better for us all.

I am honoured for the opportunity to train you .. and deeply grateful that you wish to better yourself and help others.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions not answered on this page. [email protected] See you soon!