Radical Flow Podcast

Radical Flow Podcast

Hosted by: Angela Ditch

Radical Flow is flow on a mission. That mission is to create a better reality for us all. Join Angela Ditch for radical flow ideas and soul satisfying conversations. Explore using flow states to radically improve...

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E65: The Power of Pressure

What is human pressure? How is it created? What do we do with it? Join me for a fresh discussion on pressure and see it in a whole new way. Angela Ditch is a Flow Your Business and Flow Your Life Coach specializing in...
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E64: Dave Doyle - Conversation in Flow

Dave Doyle, Business Coach and PMA Professor, joins me to chat about the grassroots importance of small business and the impact they have in our world. To connect with Dave visit www.pmaprofessor.com  Angela Ditch is...
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E63: Power of Listening

If I had the microphone to the world .. what would I say to everyone? What one thing would I share? This is a favourite question I have for my guests .. and this week .. someone cleverly asked me what I would say....
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E62: Tanis McRae - Conversations in Flow

Tanis McRae, Intuitive Teacher / Mentor - Emotional Health and Wellness Advocate joins me to chat about the patterns of perspective, memory and reaction we hold. How do we see them? How do we collapse them?To further...
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E61: Jeff Masters - Conversations in Flow

Jeff Masters joins me to take a BIG PICTURE look at the part we each play in making our lives and the world a better and better place to be. Jeff Masters, master bodyworker, educator, and IAYT certified yoga...
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E60: Leann Wolff - Conversations in Flow

Leann Wolff joins me for a big picture discussion on the role of the entrepreneur as we head forward in time.  Leann is a Vision and Alignment Coach who helps Leaders, Coaches and Entrepreneurs build a Monopole...
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E59: Jess Bubbico - Conversations in Flow

Join Angela and guest Jess Bubbico for a conversation to explore what the world might look like if everyone lived their true expression and potential. Jess Bubbico is an Author, Speaker and Teacher who supports...
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E58: Why Choose Tension?

Why do we choose tension? Join me to explore the concept of conscious and unconscious choice. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach. She trains leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and change-agents to use the power of...
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E57: What's the Mission?

You hear me say, "Radical flow is flow that's on a mission ... " in every episode, but what exactly is that mission? Join me as I flesh out the BIGGER picture of all of this. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach. She...
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E56: Run, Don't Walk

We often believe we need to wait for calm before we act to improve ourselves and our lives. Don't wait. Join me for a discussion on why, now more than ever, we need to act.  Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach. She...
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E55: Be 18 Again

If you knew at 18 what you know now, imagine the life you'd have. What if .. you were 18 again? Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach. She trains ambitious women to sync up with their desires and go for them. To...
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E54: You're Right On Track

What if you are right on track in everything in your life? How would that feel? What would it do for you? Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach. She mentors the ambitious and visionary to embrace their critical mind...
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