Radical Flow Podcast

Radical Flow Podcast

Hosted by: Angela Ditch

Radical Flow is flow on a mission. That mission is to create a better reality for us all. Join Angela Ditch for radical flow ideas and soul satisfying conversations. Explore using flow states to radically improve...

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E80: Am I Worthy?

The other day, while sitting on the floor getting ready to write, my inner voice posed the best question. Join me as I share the story and unpack a most useful concept for us all. Angela Ditch is a Peak Flow...
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E79: Lynsey & Justine - Conversation in Flow

Lynsey Dalen and Justine Eno (co-hosts of Shameless Era Podcast) join me for a deep dive conversation in what it looks like to live in a Shameless Era. Lynsey (www.lynseydalen.com) is a Fractional CMO and Sales...
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E78: Move Over Languishing .. Dysphoria Has Arrived

A few years ago, people languished as they came out of the global timeout and began to restart their routines. Now, years later, we are seeing dysphoria set in. Join me to look at what that means and why I am more...
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E77: 2024 Pivot Point

If my intuition is accurate, not only is 2024 a year of amplified manifestation, it is also a major pivot point that sets up the trajectory of years to come. Join to explore the profound opportunity that this...
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E76: Mastering Personal Power

Directing our personal power is a must in 2024. Join me for a deep dive conversation of what personal power is and how to direct it consciously. Angela Ditch is a Flow Your Business and Flow Your Life...
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E75: 2024 Numerology Forecast

2024 is here and it's coming in ready to amplify your power and your manifestation results. Join me for my annual numerology forecast and get aligned for the best year. Angela Ditch is a Flow Your Business and Flow...
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E74: Heather Alexander - Conversation in Flow

Heather Alexander, Clarity Life Coach, joins me to discuss the importance of clarity and choice. Be inspired by her story and her encouragement that no matter where you are in life you can 100% flip your situation to...
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E73: Fishing or Flowing?

Being a business owner liberates you doing things "the way they are always done." Instead it offers you the freedom to share your offerings through a natural extension of you. Join me in this special first episode in...
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E72: Tanya Paulsen - Conversation in Flow

Tanya Paulsen joins me in this episode to explore fear and ways to meet it.  Tanya is a gifted energy therapist, intuitive bodyworker, Flow Breath facilitator and frequency medicine expert. You can connect with her...
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E71: Self Love Myths

People believe that self care is self love .. but it's not. Join me to explore one possibility of what self love is. Angela Ditch is a Flow Your Business and Flow Your Life Coach specializing in flow strategies for...
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E70: What is Love?

After reading a quote on social media about being single, this conversation was sparked. Join me to ponder questions like "what is love?" .. and many more. Angela Ditch is a Flow Your Business and Flow Your Life Coach...
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E69: What Does the World Need?

World events can be overwhelming, prompting us to want to improve things. Each of us has our own path and purpose, which brings forth different actions. Join me today as I share what's in my lane to share. Angela...
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