Move Over Languishing .. Dysphoria Has Arrived.

The other day, I heard someone use the word "dysphoria" to describe restlessness.

Immediately, I grabbed my phone and looked up the word. I love precision of language.

Here's what it says:

Dysphoria .. a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety or restlessness.
A feeling of being ill at ease.

What a perfect word to describe the state of many people today!

A few years ago, when the global timeout was ending, languishing was our word. It described the melancholic state of low energy that people had when trying to restart their lives.

The biggest gift that the timeout gave us was an opportunity to take stock of what really matters to us.

We stopped running around doing all the things we had become accustomed to and instead got to see what we really didn't love.

Then, when the go-gates opened, people didn't really know what to do and so they languished, hoping inspiration would eventually move them forward.

Now, a few years later, we face a declining standard of living, rising costs,...

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The Biggest Myth About Flow

flow talk with angela Feb 12, 2022

Many people think flow is a loosey-goosey .. whatever happens, happens .. way of being. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact .. Flow is focus at an exponential level.

Think of your favourite sports icon. Doing the impossible. Breaking limits. Totally in the zone.

That's flow.

But flow is not just for athletes. Flow is for everyone.

Flow is a convergence of one's entire range of faculties.
Mind, body and energy all synchronized in pursuit of a goal.

Information is sourced from what is already known and from what is unknown.

That's right. Flow opens the tap to infinite knowledge, potential and possibility.

Or as I like to say, "little i" finite mind and "BIG I" infinite awareness converge.

Think of it this way ..

Little i is like your laptop: limited information and programming.

BIG I is like the internet: unlimited information and programming.

When you log onto the internet  .. you stream fresh potentials through your laptop. They work together. They converge.

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5 Signs You Are Out of Flow

flow talk with angela Dec 20, 2021

When people think of FLOW ..

They think of the peak flow experience. Mind, energy and body converge into one-pointed focus .. and efficiency, creativity and brilliance flow effortlessly.

Flow works in cycles. Each cycle has 4 phases with parts that precede and follow the peak flow experience.

In order to live and work in flow, we must learn to transition fluidly from one phase to the next.

Being out of flow usually results from being stuck in the struggle phase or skimming through the phases ineffectively.

The diagram below shows the four phases in the flow cycle.



Here are 5 signs that you are out of flow:

1. Stuck in patterns of suffering.

No matter how much you want to make changes, somehow you cannot seem to.

You try to figure out why you remain stuck but the answer is unclear.

You can't seem to motivate or sustain effort to make changes that last.


2. Unable to focus, concentrate or relax.

Whether its cellphone notifications or other distractions, your...

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