The Biggest Myth About Flow

flow talk with angela Feb 12, 2022

Many people think flow is a loosey-goosey .. whatever happens, happens .. way of being. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact .. Flow is focus at an exponential level.

Think of your favourite sports icon. Doing the impossible. Breaking limits. Totally in the zone.

That's flow.

But flow is not just for athletes. Flow is for everyone.

Flow is a convergence of one's entire range of faculties.
Mind, body and energy all synchronized in pursuit of a goal.

Information is sourced from what is already known and from what is unknown.

That's right. Flow opens the tap to infinite knowledge, potential and possibility.

Or as I like to say, "little i" finite mind and "BIG I" infinite awareness converge.

Think of it this way ..

Little i is like your laptop: limited information and programming.

BIG I is like the internet: unlimited information and programming.

When you log onto the internet  .. you stream fresh potentials through your laptop. They work together. They converge.

When you enter flow state .. you stream unlimited information and potential through your mind and body.

Cool hey?

A whole lot of things occur within us during a flow state: physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically.

I could take hours to flesh all of that out. Instead, I'll say this.

Flow shifts you away from focusing on yourself and on time. It puts you in the present moment into the curiosity of discovery.

Instead of life stimulating you to remember what you already know, where you can make assumptions based on the past, flow puts you in this intuitive real-time view of implications as things unfold.

Think of a Jason Bourne movie. (I'm a huge movie fan. If you don't know this one it's basically a chase movie where one's life in on the line.)

So in this movie, Jason (played by Matt Damon) keeps moving, making choices, seizing opportunities and improvising in real-time the whole way.

Every ounce of him is focused on survival. What he already knows, his training, is automatic for him so he can fend off an attacker or hot-wire a car.

Choosing his next move is driven by the focus of flow in the moment it is happening.

In flow you literally become one with your environment. Your physical senses interface with your intuitive senses so environment and potential are bridged.

Cool, right?

The good news .. you don't have to be running for your life to access flow.

Flow can happen writing a blog, speaking to a friend or rearranging the living room furniture. Flow can happen in any situation.

Anytime you converge all parts of yourself and open the tap through presence .. you enter flow.

The first step in learning to Flow is to develop a FLOW MIND.

What is a FLOW MIND?

It's the mental framework for flow and the flow cycle.

Once you learn and understand each phase of the flow cycle, you begin to use flow triggers to amplify creativity and productivity.

You hear me talk about Flow all the time. Ever wonder why flow is so important to me?

Because flow is not only key to really excellent and creative output .. flow is the key to innovative solutions needed to solve our real-world wicked problems.

In my view, we need more people naturally trained to access flow .. and we need that now more than ever.

If you are interested in developing your FLOW MIND,
Click here for March 12th Online Live Workshop.

It's an excellent first step!

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And until next time .. See you in the Flow!

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