Radical Flow Podcast

Radical Flow Podcast

Hosted by: Angela Ditch

Radical Flow is flow on a mission. That mission is to create a better reality for us all. Join Angela Ditch for radical flow ideas and soul satisfying conversations. Explore using flow states to radically improve...

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E22: Flights of Fresh Thinking

Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein both knew how to flow. Join me as we explore their quotes and what it takes to break free of the gravitational hold of reality .. to launch into flights of fresh thinking. My...
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E21: Riptides & Flow Minds

Sometimes life overpowers us, tossing us around and testing our resolve. Join me as we explore the power and potential of struggle. My name is Angela Ditch and I'm a Radical Flow Coach. I teach clients to ground in...
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E20: Where's Your Line?

What starts off as an exploration of lines and their purpose .. turns into a personal rant about lines being drawn in Canada as of Feb 19, 2022.  My name is Angela Ditch and I'm a Radical Flow Coach. I teach clients...
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E19: The Upside of Struggle

Life is perfectly represented through the lens of a Flow Cycle. Join me as we look at personal and global flow cycles and particularly the 1st phase known as struggle. Discover the power and potential of the upside of...
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E18: Speak UP

It's easy to speak out at others and defend our positions .. but what happens when we speak UP in unity? Join me (Angela) for my Canadian view on speaking up. My name is Angela Ditch and I'm a Radical Flow Coach. I...
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E17: Is Anxiety a Posture?

What if our memorized body postures are driving much deeper patterns within us? Join Angela as we explore how mood can create posture .. and posture can create mood. Breath Camp www.breathcamp.ca My name is Angela...
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E16: What Can Flow Do?

What does it look like to be grounded in reality and open to what's possible at the same time? It's one thing to understand a concept and another to see it play out in real life. Join me for a personal story of what...
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E15: 2022 Numerology + Forecast

A New Year is a threshold with immense power. Join me as I share the numerology of 2022 and the opportunities the energy gives us to create a much better reality for us all. My name is Angela Ditch and I'm a Radical...
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E14: Leading Edge Flow

There is a lot going on right now .. but what is the greatest opportunity within it all? My answer .. Leading Edge Flow. Join me as we unpack a most empowering perspective and wonderful way to approach the new...
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E13: Fear Ends Here

Facing fear can be hard, especially when one is immersed in fear on an ongoing basis. Fear Ends Here uses the analogy of immunity to look at humanity's approach to fear .. and explore what it would take to stop its...
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E12: Dr. Melissa Petersen - Conversations in Flow

Doc Melissa joins us to unpack the idea of why we should Say Yes to Stress. Dr. Melissa Petersen is a sought out expert in thriving and the founder of the Human Longevity Institute and Impact Experts Network. Shifting...
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E11: Chop wood, carry water.

Big picture reality can be overwhelming. How can we, as ordinary individuals, positively affect things at the bigger level? Join Angela as we discuss the connection of micro to macro and how flow is the key to...
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