Radical Flow Podcast

Radical Flow Podcast

Hosted by: Angela Ditch

Radical Flow is flow on a mission. That mission is to create a better reality for us all. Join Angela Ditch for radical flow ideas and soul satisfying conversations. Explore using flow states to radically improve...

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E15: 2022 Numerology + Forecast

A New Year is a threshold with immense power. Join me as I share the numerology of 2022 and the opportunities the energy gives us to create a much better reality for us all. My name is Angela Ditch and I'm a Radical...
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E14: Leading Edge Flow

There is a lot going on right now .. but what is the greatest opportunity within it all? My answer .. Leading Edge Flow. Join me as we unpack a most empowering perspective and wonderful way to approach the new...
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E13: Fear Ends Here

Facing fear can be hard, especially when one is immersed in fear on an ongoing basis. Fear Ends Here uses the analogy of immunity to look at humanity's approach to fear .. and explore what it would take to stop its...
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E12: Dr. Melissa Petersen - Conversations in Flow

Doc Melissa joins us to unpack the idea of why we should Say Yes to Stress. Dr. Melissa Petersen is a sought out expert in thriving and the founder of the Human Longevity Institute and Impact Experts Network. Shifting...
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E11: Chop wood, carry water.

Big picture reality can be overwhelming. How can we, as ordinary individuals, positively affect things at the bigger level? Join Angela as we discuss the connection of micro to macro and how flow is the key to...
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E10: Dylan Charles - Conversations in Flow

Dylan Charles is the founder of the Waking Times Online Magazine and the Battered Souls Podcast as well as Self Mastery Coach specializing in ending self sabotage patterns. Dylan is a wealth of knowledge and...
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E9: Congruence Leads to Flow

Congruence is a state of agreement, where all parts align and flow. Join Angela as we look at what stems from this Radical Flow state of being. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach training people all over the globe...
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E8: What is Kundalini anyway?

When we talk transformation .. we are talking about the activation of kundalini energy and the liberation of mental and emotional constructs. Join me as I show you how bread is the perfect analogy today. Angela Ditch...
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E7: Elijah Ray - Conversations in Flow

Dear friend and major inspiration .. Elijah Ray .. joins me in flowing conversation about what it is like to live in the flow and why flow is vital in our current times.  Elijah Ray is an extraordinarily gifted...
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E6: Houston, we have a problem.

Movies give us the best analogies for life. Join Angela as we use the perfect analogy to look at what happens when we set our intentions and flow. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach training people all over the...
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E5: Why can't we hear each other?

Why can't we hear each other? Why do opposing points of view see their counterparts as ludicrous? Join Angela for a radical flow look at the human psyche and how it is evolving. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach...
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E4: What is your truth?

What is truth? Better said, what is your truth and where does it come from? Join Angela for a Radical Flow view of truth and why finding your truth is key to a better reality for all. Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow...
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