E61: Jeff Masters - Conversations in Flow

Jeff Masters joins me to take a BIG PICTURE look at the part we each play in making our lives and the world a better and better place to be.

Jeff Masters, master bodyworker, educator, and IAYT certified yoga therapist, is the founder and director of the Masters Institute, an organization dedicated to vibrant health, wellness, and the realization of our fully actualized potential.

With over 40 years of mentorship, training, and clinical experience, Jeff has dedicated his life to bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western understandings of mind/body psychobiology. His emphasis on the modern application of ancient wisdom facilitates accessible, embodied learning opportunities where understanding is inspired by direct experience and personal realization.

Jeff's work encompasses supporting clients struggling with structural mind/body issues like chronic pain and embodied trauma, to mentoring those seeking deeper spiritual practices as they pursue their fully actualized potential and Self Realization.

In addition to private sessions, professional consulting, and training opportunities, Jeff leads retreats at the Masters Institute in Sedona, Arizona.

You can find jeff on Instagram and all other social platforms @JeffEMasters or online at www.JeffEMasters.net

Angela Ditch is a Radical Flow Coach.
She trains leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and change-agents to launch themselves into flow states that induce creativity, innovation and epic productivity.

To explore working with Angela BOOK A CALL and visit www.flowtribe.ca 


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